Trippy Treats Bars

Trippy Treats Bars is a premium brand of handmade artisan chocolates manufactured in Switzerland. We are proud to bring you our unique range of gourmet chocolates made from the finest ingredients. Each bar contains a delicious combination of milk chocolate with honey and nougat. Every piece is handcrafted and carefully packed to ensure optimal taste and quality.

The Trippy Treats Chocolate Bar is some of the best-tasting magic mushroom chocolate bars you will ever try. They contain no fillers artificial flavors or preservatives. These delicious treats are made by extracting the psilocybin from the mushrooms. This allows us to make a much purer high eliminating the upset stomach feeling people sometimes experience when eating psilocybin mushrooms. We use only the highest quality ingredients and our process ensures that there are absolutely no contaminants.

Trippy Treats Chocolate Bar

Trippy Treats Bars – Our extraction technology completely puts the chocolates in a league of its’ in creating a product that’s far superior to anything else out there.

These tasty treats come in a resealable package that is easy to carry around. Each bar contains 12 pieces and weighs approximately 33 grams. This makes it perfect for microdoses. You can easily consume one per day without having to worry about overdoing it.

For those who want to take things up a notch, we recommend starting off with half a dose and working your way up to full strength. Start slowly and work your way up to avoid any negative side effects.

Trippy Treats Bars – Our proprietary extraction process removes the majority of impurities found in wild mushrooms resulting in a high purity extract that delivers a very clean trip without the side effects associated with ingesting wild mushrooms.

All of our products contain no artificial colors or preservatives and are free of any contaminants. We use only natural plant-based emulsifiers to ensure consistency and stability.

We recommend starting with a one-half gram per dose and working up to one full gram over several days.

Fast Delivery

Trippy Treats bars – We know you want your stuff fast – we do too. When you place an order by 5 pm EST, it ships out the same day.

If you choose Next Day Air shipping, the product leaves our warehouse within 2 business days.

Second Day Shipping, the product leaves our warehouses within 3 business days.

If You Choose Overnight Shipping, the product will arrive in about 7 business days.


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Trippy Treats Bars