Taste : Sweet, Citrus, Cherry
Strain : Ghost’s OG Kush x Nevil’s Wreck


About Ghost Train Haze

To begin, this breathtaking flavor is a dynamic strain of cannabis that has a vast array of uses. Ghost Train Haze flavor is a sativa cross between Ghost OG and Neville’s Wreck. This powerful sativa has a heavy floral aroma with a sour citrus kick. Carrying a high dose of THC Ghost Train Haze Distillate is sure to help with ADD/ADHD, depression, chronic stress and chronic fatigue. sauce reserve live resin.  It can help with anything from glaucoma and arthritis, all the way to ADHD and depression. puff bars weed. sauce pen cartridge.

Ghost Train Haze on the other hand, is made from thick and dense bright green buds. Rich in trichomes, crystallized, and covered in bright orange hairs. sauce vape pen. It has a fruity and floral flavor in addition to being an excellent therapeutic flavor. live sauce cartridge. As a result, it will excite and tempt your taste receptors in a novel way. This flavor is a potent sativa-dominant hybrid that delivers a strong high. space bar hitter. puff bar thc disposable.

As a masterpiece genetic crossing of parent strains Ghost OG (hybrid) and Nevil’s Wreck (sativa). This flavor is an intensely potent marijuana miracle. Notorious for being one of the world’s strongest smokes and ranking in with an average THC content of 28%. puff verify.  Ghost Train Haze flavor has about an sativa 80:20 indica ratio. However, pretty most would possibly agree that it acts extra as an indica-dominant hybrid. skittles vape pen.

Flavor and Taste

Firstly, the aroma is very powerful and the smoke is quite pungent. Despite this first impression, notes of flowers and citrus can also be noted. This breathtaking flavor has a sweet aftertaste. This cannabis is dominated by terpinolene, myrcene, and limonene. In 2012 Ghost Train Haze was named “Most Potent on Earth” by using High Times Magazine. Later in 2014 it turned into given first place for sativa in the Cannabis Cup. thc carts. premium sauce cart 1000mg.

Moreover, As soon as you step into the room that has a bag of sauce bar in it, you’ll know it’s there. This cannabis type is potent, pungent, and wildly rich, stinking up whatever space it’s in. elite extracts.  The average THC content of this flower is 23% while the highest tested THC content was 28%. The average THC content of our Ghost Train Haze distillate is 94%. sauce bars. Upon the inhale, its sweet lemon presence will make itself know. Finishing off with an earthy aftertaste in the exhale. dispensary that delivery near me.

Effects of Ghost Train Haze

Firstly, the breathtaking flavor can easily be classified as a totally sturdy sativa, and has a number of the most fulfilling consequences obtainable. This strain can make you break out into a fit of giggles, where you can easily end up on the floor in fits of uncontrollable laughter, for no apparent reason whatsoever. sauce strain. what is a sauce cartridge?

Also, the high strikes immediately and fills the smoker with happiness. They felt mildly excited and were able to focus on important tasks. The improved mood also made it easier to communicate with colleagues, but it’s worth considering that you might start to giggle. sauce pen price. This flavor is all about that feel-good feeling. It will make you feel uplifted and ready to get things done. sauce carts brand. sauced cart


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