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Friendly California live resin concentrates are crafted from the best fresh frozen cannabis in California. We never filter or add to our products to give you the unique TRU Spectrum™ effect of each strain. We invite you to experience why Friendly California is the favorite of cannabis connoisseurs all over California.

Just like penicillin or chocolate chip cookies, Golden Goat too

was made by accident! By crossing a male Hawaiian Romulan,

with a female Sweet Island Skunk – baring one of the more

unique & complex profiles around, the initial impression is fruity

and tropical taste, with a lingering citrus flavor – that exists

alongside a more sour tinge. When both collide, they make a

sour spicy tone of tropical earth when burned; leaving

consumers guessing if the name is, ‘GOAT’ for greatest of all

time, or reminiscent of the cute little animal.


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FF – Golden Goat – 1g Live Resin Sauce