Your mouth is instantly filled with smooth and creamy notes of delicious cherries and slight accents of fresh peaches and candied yams. Pandoro smokes beautifully with an evident sweetness on the exhale and a taste reminiscent of cotton candy from the Fair. This strain is perfect for consumption in the begging of the way day as it will instantly fill your body with focus energy and euphoria.

About Friendly Flower: At Friendly California, we take pride in hand-selecting each phenotype we cultivate to bring you an exclusive and unique experience. By creating unique in-house genetics we are able to curate very specific flavors and effects you can only get from Friendly. We work closely with our in-house cultivation team so can ensure quality and care at each step of the growing process. We always ensure that only the best flower reaches our bags and jars. Smoking every batch prior to packaging to ensure a properly cured and flushed cannabis experience we are proud to share with you. #WelcomeToCalifornia #YOUDESERVETHIS


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FF – Pandoro – 3.5g Indoor Flower