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Strawberry Sour Diesel Jeeter Joint Infused – 1G Joint | Sativa | Indoor Grown Infused with Liquid Diamonds & Kief

Strawberry Sour Diesel is a sativa strain crossed between the delicious Sour Diesel X Strawberry Cough strains. Much like its name suggests, Strawberry Sour Diesel has an insanely mouthwatering flavor and aroma. The smell is of sweet yet spicy strawberry that has a skunky diesel hint when the nugs are broken apart and smoked. The taste is of sweet sugary strawberry with a hint of spicy diesel upon exhale that can become intense at times. The Strawberry Sour Diesel high has warm and uplifting effects that are felt in both the mind and body. The high starts with a hard impact felt in the head that leaves you floating in air with a deep sense of introspection that slowly fades into hazy relaxation. This calming effect gently spreads throughout the body, leaving you completely lethargic and utterly at ease with a sense of wellbeing.


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Jeeter Joint Infused – Strawberry Sour Diesel